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Employees and society

1,763 people were employed by Interzero at year-end 2022

They are giving their all for a world without waste. To enable our employees to fully tap into their potential, we create the best possible working environment that is free of discrimination. We invest in training and developing our employees and are committed to diversity and equal opportunity. One of our achievements in 2022 was to narrow the gender pay gap to a minimum.

GRI 2: General Disclosures

GRI 2-7 – Employees

On 31 December 2022, Interzero employed a total of 1,763 people. This is a decrease in 2022 compared with the prior-year figure (1,993 employees). The primary cause of this downturn was the divestment of ALBA Facility Solutions. Of these, 76.1 percent (2021: 76.7 percent) are employed in Germany. People working for Interzero Plastics Recycling (IPR) are not yet included in the number due to the changes in the corporate structure. The number of employees is not currently broken down by region but this step is planned for the next reporting period.

The proportion of female employees increased marginally from 34.0 percent (2021) to 35.7 percent (2022). The share of part-time employees stood at 13.6 percent in 2022 and was a little lower in 2021 at 11.6 percent. The proportion of employees on fixed-term contracts increased from 5.2 percent in 2021 to 15.7 percent in 2022. The variations in the figures during the reporting period are due to the company’s reorganisation. They are expected to stabilise in the next reporting period. 

Employees by gender and employment contract1

























Permanent contract




Fixed-term contract




1 Basis: headcount, excl. subcontracted labour; figures as on 31 December of each year. The number of employees was not subject to strong fluctuations during the year.

excl. IPR The following four entities were subsidiaries of IPR as of 31 December 2022 and are not included in the quantitative disclosures of this report: Container Dienst Zundel GmbH, Interzero Plastics Processing GmbH, Interzero Plastics Recycling GmbH, RDB plastics GmbH.

Employees by gender and employment contract¹ ²

¹ Basis: headcount, excl. subcontracted labour; figures as on 31 December of each year. The number of employees was not subject to strong fluctuations during the year.

² excl. IPR: The following four entities were subsidiaries of IPR as of 31 December 2022 and are not included in the quantitative disclosures of this report: Container Dienst Zundel GmbH, Interzero Plastics Processing GmbH, Interzero Plastics Recycling GmbH, RDB plastics GmbH.

GRI 2-8 - Workers who are not employees

Subcontracted labour (in FTEs) fell in the reporting period from 207.6 persons in 2021 to 179.6 in 2022. This decrease was connected to the divestment of an entity. The rate stood at 10.2 percent in 2022 and is not subject to any significant fluctuations. A breakdown by gender is not provided at this point. Interzero uses the services of freelancers only on rare occasions.

GRI 2-30 - Collective bargaining agreements

In 2022, 32.3 percent of total employees at Interzero were covered by collective bargaining and works agreements. Due to new hires of staff not subject to collective agreements and the departure of employees from companies with collective agreements, the number fell by around five percentage points compared with 2021 (37.0 percent).

GRI 401 – Employment

GRI 401: 3-3 – Employment: Management of material topics

Interzero relies on its motivated workforce to achieve its mission goal of "zero waste solutions". This is why Interzero offers its employees opportunities for personal and professional development and makes sure they enjoy attractive working conditions with high-quality professional development and training, fair remuneration and flexible working hours. Interzero also takes the physical and mental health of its employees seriously and supports them by offering a range of tailored health promotion measures and a harmonious work-life balance. Activities in Human Resources are aligned with these objectives and backed up with measurable KPIs.

In recent years and with the active participation of the workforce, Interzero has developed a set of shared values, which it has communicated throughout the company. These put respect, dialogue and responsibility at the heart of the corporate culture of all Interzero companies. To firmly entrench these values in the workplace, Interzero uses a wide variety of formats, such as operational culture teams, One-Day-in-Your-Shoes and One-to-One-Feedback. During the reporting period, new formats such as MySessions and peer-based consulting were introduced to help teams share information and learn from one another. The values have also been embedded into various control and management tools. The content and procedures of our annual appraisal interview are based on the three values.

Employee satisfaction index
To verify the effectiveness of the measures we introduced for our cultural transformation and modify these where necessary, we collect data for our employee satisfaction index as part of annual appraisals. Following a positive trend from 3.6 to 3.8 (on a scale of 1 to 5) during the period 2019 to 2021, the index fell to 3.6 points in 2022. Very high and high values were awarded for collaboration with immediate superiors (2021, 2022: 4.3) and co-workers (2021, 2022: 4.1). These figures confirm that the cultural transformation has had a positive effect on the working atmosphere at Interzero.

In contrast, only average values were recorded for the categories of general conditions offered (2020: 2.5; 2021: 2.9; 2022: 3.1) and sharing of information (2020: 3.0; 2021: 3.1; 2022; 3.3). Appropriate countermeasures have therefore been implemented, such as the creation of a dialogue platform for employees and management as well as an expansion to internal communications and the introduction of new benefits (bike leasing). These actions here have already borne fruit, with some significant improvements being achieved in both of these areas from 2020 to 2022.

At the end of 2022, a comprehensive satisfaction survey was also conducted, with the aim of analysing employee needs in more detail and identifying measures more capable of meeting demands and therefore countering the overall dip in satisfaction within the company. Survey data will be analysed in 2023.

Personnel strategy
To ensure reliable workforce planning, Interzero has developed its own personnel strategy which is integrated in its sustainability strategy and corporate culture. The competency model created by Interzero, which is based on this personnel strategy, offers guidance to employees at all levels. It explains requirements in a straightforward manner, creates a feedback culture for strategic personnel development, and enables open and transparent talent management practices. This provides Interzero with a systematic approach to employee development and allows it to fill newly created or vacant positions from within the company (see GRI 404). Interzero only looks for qualified personnel outside the company when it is unable to fill positions internally. The short-term measures implemented in 2020 to manage workforce-related challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic were also reviewed regularly in 2021 and 2022. At the end of last year, these measures were discontinued in line with legislative developments.

GRI 401-1 - New employee hires and employee turnover

The number of new hires fell from 363 in 2021 to 342 in 2022. In 2022, 48 percent of new hires were women. The number of employees leaving decreased in the reporting period from 398 in 2021 to 307 in 2022, which is why there were fewer new hires. While the turnover rate in the reporting period increased compared to the last report due to the reorganisation of the company, it decreased slightly from 20.8 percent in 2021 to 18.2 percent in 2022. In each of 2021 and 2022, Interzero took on 40 percent of its junior staff (apprentices, trainees and students). The company was therefore significantly below its 100-percent target hiring quota for junior staff in 2022. The main reason for this was restructuring within the company. Furthermore, some of the trainees became full-time students after completing training, and some were not hired for performance-related reasons.

New hires





Total new hires




of which female




By age group1




20 and under




21 to 30




31 to 40




41 to 50




51 to 60




Over 61




1 Due to rounding, there may be minor deviations when totals are calculated.

excl. IPR The following four entities were subsidiaries of IPR as of 31 December 2022 and are not included in the quantitative disclosures of this report: Container Dienst Zundel GmbH, Interzero Plastics Processing GmbH, Interzero Plastics Recycling GmbH, RDB plastics GmbH.

Staff turnover





Staff turnover ratio




Number of critical notices of termination1




of which female




By age group2




20 and under




21 to 30




31 to 40




41 to 50




51 to 60




Over 61




1 Critical notices of termination: only employees whose departure usually requires new staff to be hired or existing staff to be promoted; excluding temporary staff and interns.

2 Due to rounding, there may be minor deviations when totals are calculated.

excl. IPR The following four entities were subsidiaries of IPR as of 31 December 2022 and are not included in the quantitative disclosures of this report: Container Dienst Zundel GmbH, Interzero Plastics Processing GmbH, Interzero Plastics Recycling GmbH, RDB plastics GmbH.

Following a sharp rise in employee turnover from 11 percent in 2020 to 18.1 percent in 2022, Interzero has spent some time analysing this development. Alongside regular data collection for the satisfaction index (see GRI 401), Interzero introduced a comprehensive satisfaction survey at the end of 2022, with the aim of identifying related problems and potential.

More detailed information about the reasons for leaving the company were also obtained by means of voluntary exit interviews conducted with office workers. Interview findings are anonymised and categorised for later discussion with supervisors and senior management. Specific interventions can then be introduced to reduce turnover rates over the long term. Thanks to these interviews, Interzero has been able to identify the need for personal development, salary development and transparent communication as key reasons for leaving the company in recent years. To accommodate these needs, we quickly optimised our processes and implemented a number of long-term projects such as “Compensation & Benefits” and an initiative to optimise management training (see GRI 404).

Length of service
In 2021 and 2022, most staff had been employed between one and three years, reflecting the comparatively high number of new hires during recent years.

GRI 401-3 - Parental leave

Interzero attaches great importance to a healthy work-life balance and wishes to make it as easy as possible for staff to return to work after parental leave. A total of 47 employees were on parental leave on 31 December 2022 (2021: 54), including 27 women (2021: 31). The return rate was 100 percent in both 2021 and 2022.

Employees on parental leave1





Number of employees on parental leave




of which male




of which female




1 The data show the status as at 31 December of the respective year.

excl. IPR The following four entities were subsidiaries of IPR as of 31 December 2022 and are not included in the quantitative disclosures of this report: Container Dienst Zundel GmbH, Interzero Plastics Processing GmbH, Interzero Plastics Recycling GmbH, RDB plastics GmbH.

Employees who have returned from parental leave





Number of employees who have returned from parental leave




of which male




of which female




excl. IPR The following four entities were subsidiaries of IPR as of 31 December 2022 and are not included in the quantitative disclosures of this report: Container Dienst Zundel GmbH, Interzero Plastics Processing GmbH, Interzero Plastics Recycling GmbH, RDB plastics GmbH.

GRI 403 – Occupational Health and Safety

GRI 403: 3-3 – Occupational Health and Safety: Management of material topics

Interzero takes the topics of occupational safety and employee health very seriously. Not least because staff can develop their full potential only if they are both fit and healthy. The company wishes to honour its duties of responsibility and care to its employees to the fullest extent, and has therefore implemented a comprehensive approach to occupational safety and health. The managing directors and senior managers of the companies are responsible for maintaining internal and statutory health and safety standards. Safety officers help them to implement the risk control measures necessary to prevent accidents and sickness in the workplace. Interzero has appointed external service providers to provide occupational safety and healthcare for staff and many companies have also appointed a health management officer. The occupational health and safety committee holds regular meetings at which the various stakeholders discuss all matters related to occupational health and safety.

In the individual companies and at all locations, individuals have been appointed who are responsible for maintaining internal and legal occupational safety and health standards. In all areas of its work concerning occupational safety and health – such as in connection with hazard assessment – Interzero is assisted by external service providers.

The COVID-19 pandemic continued to pose a risk to the health of the company’s workforce in 2021 and 2022. In order to protect its employees from infection in the workplace, Interzero continued to observe and adapt the pandemic plan developed by its central crisis team, before discontinuing it at the end of 2022 in line with legal regulations.

GRI 403-1 - Occupational health and safety management system

All major Interzero sites1 have an occupational health and safety management system certified, where appropriate, to ISO 45001. The Interzero website provides an overview of the certifications held by each of the companies. All certifications are monitored and verified annually by internal and external audits.

1 This applies to: Interseroh+ GmbH, Interzero Europe GmbH (formerly Austria), Interzero Circular Solutions Germany (formerly ISD), Interzero Deposit Solutions (formerly Pfand), Interzero Pool System (Pool System), Interzero Product Cycle and Interzero Repasack and Interzero Business Solutions

GRI 403-2 - Hazard identification, risk assessment and incident investigation

External service providers are responsible for safety engineering at Interzero and provide support on all occupational health and safety issues. For example, the occupational safety specialist and a company doctor collaborate on the preparation of risk assessments to identify work-related risks to physical and mental health. They also carry out regular inspections of safety and fire protection systems, if necessary, accompanied by the health management officer or a safety officer. Depending on the risk, their reports are used as the basis for the implementation of further hazard avoidance measures.

The safety officers also report problems and hazardous workplace conditions to the health management officer or, depending on the site, directly to the external occupational safety specialist and the external company doctor. Workplace incidents are reviewed in consultation with the occupational safety specialist and, where necessary, measures are put in place to prevent future incidents.

GRI 403-3 - Occupational health services

Occupational health care is also provided by external service providers. The company doctor offers preventive health care and assists with risk assessments and inspections. In addition, all Interzero employees can obtain work-life-balance advice in an anonymous consultation with an external service provider. Being able to obtain advice on caring for family members, for example, or on dealing with difficult life situations provides valuable support for the mental health of employees (see GRI 405).

GRI 403-4 - Employee participation, consultation and communication on occupational health and safety

To promote the health of all employees and prevent illness, Interzero works on the continuous development of its corporate health management system. Management staff at all levels in Interzero’s subsidiaries as well as apprentice trainers are given instruction in ‘healthy leadership’ and the company’s health management programme once a year. New capacity for occupational health and safety topics were also created at the end of 2022. There is also a regular exchange among the trainers on the topic of health. A comprehensive series of interviews with staff returning from long-term sick leave are also held, with a focus on industrial/technical roles. The aim is to identify correlations between the workplace and sickness absence at an early stage to enable interventions to be made where necessary.

GRI 403-5 - Worker training on occupational health and safety

All Interzero employees receive annual safety training. Those who are at particular risk by virtue of their duties are provided with additional instruction on an ad hoc or task-related basis. Health management officers and safety officers attend annual training courses, some of which are mandatory.

In the reporting period, management staff at all levels in Interzero’s subsidiaries as well as apprentice trainers were also given instruction in ‘healthy leadership’ and the company’s health management programme once a year. The employees of all operating units are instructed annually on the subject of occupational safety.

GRI 403-6 - Promotion of worker health

Interzero offers its employees a wide-ranging programme of sports courses, health advice and preventive care, some of which are organised in cooperation with the Techniker Krankenkasse health insurance fund and fitness course providers. Every year since 2016, our Cologne plant has successfully held at least one 'health day'. In 2021, a Health Day on the topic of ‘Fit and healthy when working from home’ was held as a hybrid event so all of our sites could participate. The Health Week we organised on ‘Stress and mindfulness’ in 2022 was also able to reach a large proportion of our employees. Apart from these activities, Interzero also runs a company healthcare programme for all of its staff, and offers free flu injections as well as hepatitis vaccines for employees working in industrial and technical fields.

GRI 403-7 - Prevention and mitigation of occupational health and safety impacts directly linked by business relationships

All non-employed workers are informed of possible dangers during their work as part of safety instructions before starting work.

GRI 403-8 - Workers covered by an occupational health and safety management system

In 2022, 1,349 workers1 (2021: 1,531), or 76.5 (2021: 76.8) percent, of Interzero's total workforce were covered by an occupational health and safety management system (see also GRI 403-1).  

1 excl. IPR

GRI 403-9 - Work-related injuries

Some activities at our operational sites are associated with a risk of injury. More specifically, carelessness around tools and machinery can result in potentially serious injuries. In order to identify potential risks, risk assessments are carried out at all sites equipped with manufacturing equipment and machinery. Employees are briefed regularly on potential sources of danger and receive immediate retraining should the need arise.

The number of work-related accidents fell from 128 in 2021 to 72 in 2022. This is a significant improvement, particularly when compared with 2020. The injury rate per million hours worked was 24.3 in 2022 (2021: 37.9).

The majority of accidents occurred in Germany. No analysis is offered of the type of injury and the severity of accidents in relation to the number of lost days, nor of the gender of injured personnel. The reason for this is that the results produced by consolidating the data for the whole company would not be very meaningful due to the wide range of activities involved. Instead, Interzero evaluates the data at site level and implement accident prevention measures aimed at tackling site-specific shortcomings.






Accidents at work2




Accidents per 1 million working hours3








1 Data not collected on external contractors.

2 Absence of over three days, excluding commuting accidents, basis is notifications to employer’s liability insurers.

3 1,800 hours per full-time employee, 900 hours per part-time employee.

4 The sharp decline is due in particular to the sale of ALBA Facility Solutions, as many industrial employees were employed here.

5 In 2020, an employee of an external company lost his life in an accident at the Marl site. Since the man was not employed by Interzero, but by another company, the incident is not listed in this table.

excl. IPR The following four entities were subsidiaries of IPR as of 31 December 2022 and are not included in the quantitative disclosures of this report: Container Dienst Zundel GmbH, Interzero Plastics Processing GmbH, Interzero Plastics Recycling GmbH, RDB plastics GmbH.

GRI 403-10 - Work-related ill health

In 2021 and 2022, there were no notified and no confirmed cases of occupational diseases.

GRI 404 – Training and education

GRI 404: 3-3 – Training and education: Management of material topics

Interzero attaches great importance to the personal development of its employees because this has proven itself to be the best way of retaining skilled and motivated employees over the long term. Company-internal training focuses on attracting and retaining well-qualified young people with apprenticeships, work/study degree programmes and trainee programmes. The ultimate aim is to take on every single one of these potential employees; the current figure is 40 percent because of restructuring measures (see GRI 401-1).

Since 2016, Interzero has been awarded the Fair Company accolade, among others for its decision not to substitute full-time positions with interns, volunteers or long-term temporary staff. As a signatory party to the Charter for Fair and Career-Relevant Trainee Programmes, Interzero has oriented its vocational training work on ultimately preparing trainees for an expert or management role. From the outset, trainees take responsibility for certain tasks and receive support from experience management staff. With the trainee programme put on hold due to COVID-19, an opportunity was taken to revise and rework this programme. The reintroduction of and certification for the trainee seal from Absolventa GmbH is planned for 2023.

To ensure it gives new employees the best start possible, Interzero piloted a ‘pre-boarding phase’ in 2022. This approach provides new colleagues with relevant information about the company and their position at Interzero even before their first day at work. From their first day at the company onwards, staff have access to their individual on-boarding plan as well as support provided by a mentor plus regular Welcome Days. The particular aim of our in-house training is to support and develop our employees and managers.

Interzero offers highly individualised professional development courses, coupling these with personal advice to bring out the skills and abilities of each and every individual. The curriculum is being steadily optimised and expanded, and includes technical training, seminars on methods expertise, plus workshops and coaching on social and personal skills. One of the key points of focus here is leadership training, which has a fundamental impact on the performance and motivation of our employees. For this reason, our ONE.leadership programme introduces management staff to a range of methods and tools with which they can guide, retain and develop their teams on a long-term basis. We also focus on the roles, rights and duties of leaders, as well as ensuring that they can network with one another.

Further qualifications, covering a range of topics, are also offered on Interzero’s main Learning World platform. This digital library offers a range of professional development courses – from agile project management to awareness training and time management. All management staff and employees in commercial positions are given a personal Learning World account and can book courses as required. The kinds of courses offered on the Learning World are provided individually, based on the needs identified in annual employee appraisals. Our integrated health management is another key cornerstone of our training and education strategy (see GRI 403). During the reporting period, employees and management staff were trained in related topics such as establishing new habits and the ergonomic workplace. Training options on the Learning World are expanded on a continuous basis.

Where possible, Interzero applies its HR strategy to fill new positions with its own employees who have been prepared for their new positions through training and professional development. An important role in this context is also played by succession planning and the support for career planning provided in the context of annual employee appraisals. To avoid succession planning issues, Interzero carries out annual strategic resource planning with the aid of a risk management system. Based on the identified risks, the succession risk for all key functions and senior managerial positions is analysed and quantified.

The process for deputising and succession planning has been digitised and integrated into the annual staff appraisals. Since 2021, the individual development plans for these staff members have also been recorded digitally, thus simplifying the documentation of the measures implemented.

GRI 404-3 - Percentage of employees receiving regular performance and career development reviews

The annual employee appraisal interviews, which are arranged for all employees, are a core instrument in Interzero's HR development work. An exception is made for junior staff such as apprentices, students in work/study programmes (“dual students”) and trainees. These groups are invited to take part in a feedback meeting upon completion of each placement in the company, i.e. much more often than once a year.

Interzero aims for every single member of the workforce to attend an annual appraisal interview and came one step closer to achieving this 100 percent target in the reporting year. The employee appraisal interview has been digitised and its processes and content has been brought into line with Interzero’s new corporate values. In 2022, the company managed to increase the attendance rate at appraisal interviews from the levels of 30 percent (commercial departments) and 1 percent (industrial/technical departments) in the year of introduction (2019) to 80 percent and 12 percent respectively. In order to adapt the employee appraisals for the industrial/technical area to better reflect the requirements in this sector, workshops were held with the managers and both the guideline and the process were significantly streamlined. These optimisation measures will be implemented starting in 2023.

The HR department's continuous training programme assists and supports all managers and employees involved with appraisal interviews. Talent Conferences were also held in the reporting period to identify promising high potentials in the company. Personalised development plans are then used to help these people take the next steps in their careers. The HR department conducts an annual review of employee appraisals and talent conferences for the purpose of continuously improving them based on feedback received from staff.

GRI 405 – Diversity and equal opportunity

GRI 405: 3-3 – Diversity and equal opportunity: Management of material topics

Interzero sees significant added value for the company in having a diverse workforce. This is why it has explicitly integrated the corporate values of diversity and equal opportunity into its “we are one” corporate culture. The company believes strongly that diversity encourages the development of creative ideas and innovative solutions that benefit both Interzero and its customers.

For hiring, succession planning and remuneration alike, transparent criteria are applied that are based on an individual’s training, previous experience, performance and achievements.

Interzero also supports equal opportunities by offering flexible working hours models. Support here was extended with the services of pme Familienservice in 2015. This agency helps employees by organising individual care solutions for children and dependants. Employees can also make use of counselling services offered on topics such as burnout, trauma or relationship problems. Interzero values the work performed by its employees very highly and wants to honour this with fair remuneration. Remuneration is therefore based solely on relevant expertise, experience and the individual’s own performance. Discrimination is not tolerated in any shape or form.

In autumn 2022, Interzero introduced a Diversity Programme with the aim of raising awareness about the topic. The goal is to ensure the company reflects society across all levels of the workforce. Some initial measures, such as implementing a system for reporting infringements of Interzero’s diversity targets, an increased focus on hiring non-German-speaking staff, a further rollout of our awareness training courses and the appointment of sponsors at management level for various aspects of diversity were all implemented during 2022.

GRI 405-1 - Diversity of governing bodies and employees

In 2022, women held 30.5 percent (2021: 26.9 percent) of Interzero’s management positions at all levels of management. It is encouraging to see that the share of women at the second and third management level has increased significantly since 2020. Gender, ethnicity, age and religion play no role whatsoever in any personnel-related decisions, including both hiring and terminations. The sole criterion is the person's suitability for the job.

The largest age group represented in the workforce is the 31 to 40 age group (30.2%). This age segment also includes the highest proportion of women in the total number of women employed at Interzero, at 31.2 percent. 2.4 percent of Interzero's workforce are severely disabled (2021: 2.6 percent). This places Interzero below the national average of 4.1 percent for private employers (Source: German Federal Employment Agency, 2020).

Women in management1





Proportion of women in first-level positions




Proportion of women in second-level positions




Proportion of women in third-level positions




Average proportion of women at all management levels




1 The data show the status as at 31 December of the respective year.

excl. IPR The following four entities were subsidiaries of IPR as of 31 December 2022 and are not included in the quantitative disclosures of this report: Container Dienst Zundel GmbH, Interzero Plastics Processing GmbH, Interzero Plastics Recycling GmbH, RDB plastics GmbH.

Employees by age group and gender¹ ²

¹ The data show the status as at 31 December of the respective year.

² excl. IPR: The following four entities were subsidiaries of IPR as of 31 December 2022 and are not included in the quantitative disclosures of this report: Container Dienst Zundel GmbH, Interzero Plastics Processing GmbH, Interzero Plastics Recycling GmbH, RDB plastics GmbH.

GRI 405-2 - Ratio of basic salary and remuneration of women to men

The average salary paid to women in 2022 was roughly 4.3 percent lower than the average salary paid to men (2021: 11.4 percent). The divestment of a company that offered cleaning services in the low-wage sector narrowed the gap. 

Hiring, succession planning and remuneration is based solely on individual performance. Discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, age, religion or gender is not tolerated at Interzero.

Remuneration at Interzero is in line with the industry standard in Germany. The company has already committed to paying the generally applicable minimum wage in the waste management industry for staff not covered by collective bargaining agreements. Framework agreements with recruitment agencies are signed only if these guarantee compliance with the provisions of the law and the payment of the minimum wage.

GRI 406 – Non-discrimination

GRI 406: 3-3 – Non-discrimination: Management of material topics

All employees should be able to work in an environment that is free from physical, sexual, psychological and verbal abuse. Interzero does not tolerate discrimination in any shape or form. The company’s Code of Conduct sets out the principles of equal treatment in the organisation and is binding on all employees.

Moreover, the issues of non-discrimination and equal opportunity are part of the Interzero compliance management system (CMS). In the course of setting up the CMS in recent years, we published a new Code of Conduct that also takes a stand on equal opportunity and non-discrimination, and a number of policies designed to ensure our compliance with the law.

Should any employee have information about a possible case of discrimination, they can contact our legally qualified ombudsman, Stephan Rheinwald, by email ( or telephone. Any breaches reported or identified will be investigated and processed appropriately.

GRI 406-1 - Incidents of discrimination and corrective actions taken

No incidents of discrimination become known in the reporting period.

GRI 407 – Freedom of association and collective bargaining

GRI 407: 3-3 – Freedom of association and collective bargaining: Management of material topics

Treating others in the workplace with dignity and respect is an integral part of our corporate culture. Interzero is committed to the core labour standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) as well as to upholding social and labour standards in all of its business activities. An essential part of the core labour standards is the right to freedom of association. The company will not tolerate non-compliance with its code of conduct or internationally recognised human rights.

A fair working relationship includes the remuneration and wages of the employees. Even though Interzero is not bound by a collective bargaining agreement, it has committed to pay the generally applicable minimum wage in the waste management industry for staff not covered by collective bargaining agreements.

Moreover, the company's remuneration is in line with the industry standard in Germany and complies with all statutory regulations in order to ensure fair compensation rates.

GRI 407-1 - Operations and suppliers in which the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining may be at risk

Interzero believes in the importance of decent working conditions, including in its supply chain. There were no known cases of human rights violations in the reporting years 2021 and 2022.

GRI 413 – Local Communities

GRI 413: 3-3 – Local Communities: Management of material topics

Interzero's activities aim to help create a sustainable society by supporting sustainable lifestyles and consumer habits. Interzero wishes to pass on its expertise in order to increase awareness of the circular economy in education, politics, business and civil society. At the same time, the company actively pursues the development of cross-industry approaches and standards for circular economy solutions and works closely with its partners, stakeholders, suppliers and customers to achieve this. Managing Director Markus Müller-Drexel is responsible for strengthening cooperation with other industry players and promoting knowledge sharing.

GRI 413-1 - Operations with local community engagement, impact assessments and development programmes

Interzero shares its knowledge of the circular economy in various ways to accelerate the adoption of sustainable business practices in the future. In addition to its involvement in various initiatives, Interzero believes strongly in raising awareness among consumers, especially younger target groups, and Interzero employees regularly visit schools to give talks on the circular economy and sustainable behaviour. Within the framework of the "Waste separation works" campaign, which Interzero promotes and actively supports as a dual system, the company offers a variety of information and teaching materials for schools to use as they feel fit. In 2021 and 2022, Interzero also held five events each in the form of lectures and workshops at two schools.

One of Interzero's long-term projects is the “collecting dragon", whose mission is to increase and extend the availability of equipment in educational institutions. Collection boxes are placed in schools, kindergartens and sponsors to collect empty printer and toner cartridges. This introduces the children to ecological behaviour and encourages them to take an active part in environmental protection. Interzero collects the boxes free of charge and gives them a second life through remanufacturing. In partnership with a German toner producer, Interzero has been selling remanufactured toners online under the ReUseMe brand since May 2019.

Other Interzero sites, such as Berlin, for example, also give talks about their work to school classes, university groups and interested citizens, and regularly offer company tours. Moreover, all Interzero sites answer queries sent to them by email, post or phone.

Another partnership exists at our Braunschweig site, where Lebenshilfe employees are responsible for cleaning outdoor areas.

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