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Chairman’s statement

32 sites, 8 countries, 1 goal: Sustainability becomes the core of our corporate strategy

Very much in the spirit of the Green Deal: As a leading provider of circular solutions in Europe, we focus our entire business activities on the sustainable transformation of the economy. Sustainable concepts for a circular economy that protects the climate and conserves resources are urgently needed – and so are Interzero's products and services in the areas of circular systems, recycling, consulting and training.

GRI 2: General Disclosures

GRI 2-22 – Statement on sustainable development strategy

Dear Readers,

2022 was a year that brought us exciting challenges, successful projects – and a new name: Interzero. This new name is a direct reflection of what we stand for as a company. Our vision is a world without waste. Leveraging more than 30 years of experience and based on our innovative “Zero Waste Solutions”, we are making an active and sustainable contribution to shaping the circular economy of the future.

Interzero responded to the social and political crises of the past year – be it the Covid pandemic or the fallouts of the war in Ukraine – with entrepreneurial resilience and even stronger personal commitment on the part of its employees. And we were successful in doing so, rolling out a wide-ranging campaign to conserve natural resources called “One World. Zero Waste. Let’s #MoveTheDate!” in order to push back Earth Overshoot Day. This day represents the date on which humanity has theoretically used up all of the natural resources that the planet can provide in a year. Researchers from the Global Footprint Network have found that Interzero’s efforts alone pushed back Earth Overshoot Day around the globe by 4 minutes and 20 seconds. A strong performance – and an incentive for the future!

But we’re certainly not resting on our laurels. Climate change and resource scarcity make it more important than ever to advance the reuse of raw materials and products. New regulations and guidelines such as the European Green Deal are setting the direction: Sustainable solutions for a comprehensive circular economy are urgently needed – and so are Interzero's products and services in the areas of circular systems, recycling, consulting and training.

Together with our employees, external partners and customers, we are facing up to all the challenges that lie ahead to create a healthy world worth living in. We are supporting companies by providing holistic circular economy and plastics recycling solutions and helping them to take responsibility for closing recycling and raw material cycles with our dual system – above and beyond what is required by law and across national borders. After all, we want to strengthen and shape the circular economy inside and outside Europe. Our international presence and the sharing of expertise with our sister company ALBA Group Asia considerably widens our sphere of influence.

Interzero continues to pursue its vision of a world without waste. Our 2022 Sustainability Report details how we will go about this. We look forward to sharing our sustainability successes, challenges and plans with you and providing insights into our work over the past two years.

Our sustainability magazine also features exciting stories about our practical solutions and topics that are currently of particular concern to us and our customers.

I hope you enjoy reading this report and look forward to working with you to further advance the development of a sustainable circular economy.

Dr Axel Schweitzer
Interzero Chairman and Shareholder

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